Massimo Lovati

"Photography Between Communication & Art"


Massimo Lovati is an artist, photographer and communicator (journalist). Born in Genoa in 1948. At the earliest painter and graphic artist, Rocco Borella’s student, he joined the collective REC (Concrete Cosmetic Research) in 1976. In the same year, (Genoa), later founded with the other artists the Visual Production Center and set up workshops. He participated in various collective exhibitions of prestige including “Constructivism, Structuralism, Neoconcretism, New Painting” (Genova 1977). The same year, in May, in Monteghirfo, the installation: “Monolith, the occluded, reflected, photographed landscape”: seven photographs, in vertical sequence, repeat the times of a visual discovery of the landscape, moving from below. The landscape hidden from the surface of a panel / mirror is returned to the photograph on one side and retrieved in reflection on the other. In 1978 in Genoa: Action / Installation: “The monument as a support, the monument hiding” polemic and ironic re-activation of an “other” space, the monumental spur, architectural ambiguity that hides, under innocuous appearances, an exhaust vent.  Continue…


Photographs Becomes Your Emotions


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